Preorder QIX and Bubble Bobble: Revisit Arcade Classics with Quarter Arcades

TAITO's QIX and BUBBLE BOBBLE are the latest additions to Numskull Designs' Quarter Arcades lineup, offering a nostalgic trip back to the golden age of gaming


Soul Girl Re: Born Launches Worldwide: A Chibi-Style Idle RPG Adventure

Soul Girl Re: Born, a chibi-style mobile Idle RPG developed by NGU Studio and co-published with Glohow, is now available worldwide


Mech Engineer: Your Ultimate Mech Combat Simulator

Mech Engineer is a game that allows players to manage and optimize mech squads, with a focus on engineering and tactical combat


Horror Tales: The Beggar - Pre-Order Now for June 17th Release

Horror Tales: The Beggar, the sequel to the popular horror video game, is set to release in digital format on June 17th, 2024


Another Eden

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, the popular JRPG with over 15 million downloads worldwide, has launched its version 3


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