Join the First 666 to Preview Devil's Purge: A Real-World AR Exorcism Shooter

ONTOP, a Portuguese indie game development studio, has announced that their upcoming action shooter game, DEVIL’S PURGE, will be available for pre-alpha access for the first 666 players


Sociable Soccer 24 Arrives on Nintendo Switch with Over 12,000 FIFPRO Players

Sociable Software Ltd, in collaboration with the creators of Sociable Soccer, has announced that the much-anticipated game, Sociable Soccer 24, will be available for Nintendo Switch from June 7, 2024, with PlayStation and Xbox versions to follow soon


Dive into Mithra: A Filmic Adventure Game Inspired by Wikipedia Rabbit Holes

Mithra is a new adventure game that brings together writers, artists, and developers from various disciplines to create an engaging and filmic experience, similar to the lost hours spent chasing Wikipedia rabbit holes


Morriton Manor Stories: Nordic Whispers - Solve Supernatural Cases in a Time Loop

Backwoods Entertainment and Hauke Gerdes have announced the release of a video game adaptation of the popular Rocket Beans TV show, Morriton Manor Stories: Nordic Whispers


Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with The Rusty Longsword on STEAM™

Provo, Utah-based indie game developer John Gonzalez, under the name Sapling Studios, has released a 3D pixel-art adventure game called The Rusty Longsword


Halver's Steam Achievements: A New Challenge in Physics-Based Puzzles

Halver is a physics-based puzzle platformer game that features a unique mechanic where the main character can split game blocks in half with his shots


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