Yellow Brick Games Unveils Epic Action-Adventure Game, Eternal Strands

Gaming Staff • April 2, 2024

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Yellow Brick Games, an independent studio founded in 2020 by industry veterans, has announced its debut title, Eternal Strands. This action-adventure game is set to launch in 2025 on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. Eternal Strands is a vibrant, colorful, and stylized universe that combines innovative physics-based systems with engaging action-combat for unique gameplay interactions. Players control Brynn, a Weaver determined to recover her people’s cultural home by uncovering the mysteries of the Enclave.

The game features a revolutionary new system for gameplay interactions, where the world becomes your weapon. Players can hurl burning tree trunks at enemies, snap nearby trees to block opposing fire, or channel telekinetic force to rip boulders from the ground. Eternal Strands also features a magical cloak that channels raw magic into raging flame, chilling ice, and telekinetic force. Players can combine these powers with enchanted weapons and armor crafted from slain enemies to create a custom look and style.

Eternal Strands offers a variety of key features, including standing against gigantic adversaries, enhancing the effectiveness of magic during extreme weather events, and exploring a world rich with secrets. The game is designed with an 'accessible to anyone' mindset and is set to please a wide range of audiences, including the most demanding action-combat players.

Yellow Brick Games is an independent studio dedicated to creating high-quality original titles combining innovative gameplay and intriguing new worlds. The studio leverages the founders’ vast experience in the production of world-renowned franchises through an agile and human approach. Eternal Strands is set to launch in 2025, and players can add it to their wishlist on all platforms now.


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