Warframe's Jade Shadows: Unveiling the Stalker's Story and New Warframe Jade

Gaming Staff • May 31, 2024

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Digital Extremes, the developer of Warframe, has announced the details of its upcoming cinematic update, Jade Shadows, which will be released on June 18. The update will feature a new single-player Quest that will shed light on the mysteries surrounding the Stalker, one of Warframe's most enigmatic characters. After completing the Quest, players will be able to embody the 57th Warframe, Jade, who has support-type abilities inspired by an "angelic choir."

The update will also introduce a new vertical mission type called Ascension, where players must hijack an enormous elevator and fight off waves of enemies while stealing power cells to keep the lift rising. The new Clan Operation: Belly of the Beast will send players back into the enemy base's depths to thwart the Corpus faction's latest experiments.

Jade Shadows will also bring a deluxe skin for Warframe Yareli, as well as various quality of life improvements around Necramech acquisition, enemy power scaling, and UI fashion recommendations. Additionally, Digital Extremes has teased the third entry in the Heirloom line of cosmetics for Warframe Ember, set to launch on July 20.

The update comes ahead of TennoCon 2024, which will take place on July 20-21. The event will feature a 1999-themed TennoVIP celebration, new activities like Crack-A-Relic pin trading, and dedicated panels around Warframe's art and sound design. The first-ever dedicated Soulframe Devstream will also take place on July 20.

Digital Extremes has also announced pricing changes for the marketplace and revealed that the fourth Heirloom skin will be revealed at TennoCon 2024. All main stage panels, including Soulframe's, will be livestreamed worldwide on the official Warframe YouTube and Twitch channels.


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