The Hayseed Knight: A Fantastical Visual Novel Now on Steam with Full Voice Acting & Animation

Gaming Staff • March 6, 2024

Pc Games Indie Game Role Playing Game

The Hayseed Knight, a critically acclaimed Spanish visual novel, has been released on Steam after seven years of development. The full version includes updated art and writing, as well as a brand new animated launch trailer. This voice-acted and animated visual novel offers about 22 hours of gameplay and features a grand, mysterious tale with elements of mystery, comedy, and romance.

Players can choose Ader's fate and form relationships with various characters, all of whom are fully voiced and overflowing with personality. The game's illustrations and animations are hand-drawn and lovingly animated, bringing the characters and world to life. The Hayseed Knight was created primarily by one dedicated person and offers a unique fantasy world with deep lore and history.

The game is priced at $19.99 and was developed by Maxi or Sandra Molina, a trans masc/non-binary freelance Game Director, Art Director, and Voice Director. The development team also includes French and Japanese translators, as well as a voiceover cast of various experience levels. The game's full cast is credited in-game, and Maxi has made an effort to give newcomers the opportunity to add a high-profile paid project to their resume. The Hayseed Knight is available for purchase on Steam.


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