SCUTI's AI Revolution: Sustainable Monetization for Casual Games

Gaming Staff • March 19, 2024

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SCUTI's AI Revolution: Sustainable Monetization for Casual Games

SCUTI, the leading innovator in AI-driven game monetization, recently gave a keynote speech at Pocket Gamer San Francisco, highlighting the significant opportunity for better monetization of casual games. The speech addressed the challenges that casual and hypercasual game makers face, such as rising user acquisition costs and declining player lifetime value (LTV). Many game makers still rely on traditional monetization methods that are no longer sustainable.

The gaming landscape is changing with the advent of cookieless existence and stricter regulations, leading to a shift in how game makers monetize their games. As user acquisition costs increase and surpass player LTV, game makers must find alternative monetization strategies beyond intrusive ads.

SCUTI's AI technology helps game makers monetize more efficiently and optimize the LTV of every player. The platform can generate more revenue than six months of advertising, with one transaction on SCUTI earning as much revenue as 2,000 ad impressions. SCUTI's interoperable rewards program allows players to earn rewards on every item they purchase, with over 90% of players saying they would purchase from SCUTI.

SCUTI's platform provides game makers with a more sustainable and player-centric monetization solution, tapping into the vast $8.8 Trillion eCommerce sector. Every player shops, and in Q4-2023, players exchanged almost 10 million earned SCUTI rewards for in-game currency, fueling greater in-app purchase conversion for game makers.

SCUTI was founded by video game industry veterans from Blizzard Entertainment, Epic Games, MiniClip, Eidos, Electronic Arts, and Xbox Game Studios. The platform's patented AI-driven marketplace and rewarded gCommerce provide gamers with direct access to curated products, promotional offers, and exciting rewards.


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