Never Mourn: Master Necromancy & Resurrect Foes in Dark Fantasy RPG, Now on Steam Early Access

Gaming Staff • May 1, 2024

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Never Mourn: Master Necromancy & Resurrect Foes in Dark Fantasy RPG, Now on Steam Early Access

Primal Seed, an independent game development studio, has announced the release of its action RPG, Never Mourn, on Steam Early Access. The game, which features rogue-lite elements, allows players to raise enemies from the dead and command them in a dark fantasy world. The necromancy system at the core of Never Mourn is intuitive and challenging, with players wielding the Staff of Equilibrium to defeat enemies and reanimate them to fight for them.

The game's thematic use of rogue-lite elements enables players to learn from their mistakes and resurrect themselves, making death a tool rather than a constraint. Never Mourn's Creative Director, Enrique Pons del Rey, stated that the game offers a fresh take on necromancy and action rogue-lites, allowing players to switch between life and death and determine the fate of their enemies.

The game features a variety of spells, abilities, and strategic fighting styles, with players able to command their minions to do their bidding. The dark narrative and immersive fantasy world of Never Mourn weave in themes of loss, revenge, and resurrection, providing an engaging and exciting experience for players.

Never Mourn will be available on Steam Early Access for $14.99 from May 13th. Primal Seed is a Bordeaux-based studio founded in 2016, focused on creating engaging and immersive games. Poysky Productions, a veteran video game publisher, has collaborated with Primal Seed to bring Never Mourn to life, with Poysky Productions known for its hit titles like "Regions of Ruin" and "Travellers Rest."


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