Island of Winds: A Magical Epic in Folkloric Iceland, Coming 2025

Gaming Staff • June 10, 2024

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Island of Winds: A Magical Epic in Folkloric Iceland, Coming 2025

ESDigital Games, a video game publisher, has unveiled a new gameplay trailer for Island of Winds, the debut game from developer Parity Games. Island of Winds is an action-adventure game set in 17th-century Iceland, drawing inspiration from Icelandic folklore, history, and nature. Players take on the role of Brynhildur, a Balance Keeper who uses magical powers drawn from nature to combat legendary creatures.

The game features a variety of enchanting landscapes, mythical beings, spellcasting, and puzzles. Players will explore different areas of the island, encounter mythical creatures inspired by Icelandic folklore, and cast spells to help creatures and calm hostile adversaries. The emotional journey explores themes of self-doubt, violence, regret, and empathy as Brynhildur sets off to find her missing mentor and restore balance to her fractured world.

Island of Winds is set to launch for PC and consoles in late 2025. Gamers can now wishlist the game on Steam. The development of Island of Winds is led by Parity Games, a female-led Icelandic studio founded in 2017 by industry veterans from CCP Games. ESDigital Games is a global video game publishing company specializing in premium indie and mid-core games for PC and consoles. Their portfolio includes Unusual Findings, Deck of Ashes, Scholar of the Arcane Arts, 9 Monkeys of Shaolin, and other upcoming titles.


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