Eternal Damnation Coming to Steam Early Access on July 15: Play as a Monstrous Human-Hybrid in a Vast Fantasy World

Gaming Staff • June 3, 2024

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SD Games, a UK-based indie studio, has announced that their debut title, Eternal Damnation, will be available on Steam Early Access on July 15, 2024. A demo of the game will be released during Steam NextFest on June 10. Eternal Damnation is a hybrid real-time strategy RPG that allows players to choose between fighting against a dominant evil or destroying it and taking over the world.

In Eternal Damnation, players are given the choice of death or reincarnation following their untimely demise. As a monstrous human-hybrid, players must navigate a vast fantasy world and utilize destructive spells, powerful weapons, and unique mutations to gain an advantage in combat. The game features an empowering levelling system that allows players to hone their skills and establish themselves as a godly overlord.

Eternal Damnation offers open-ended quests and various gameplay components, including exploration, combat, and dungeon-crawling. The game provides players with the freedom to choose their own path of destruction and offers a world for the taking. With branching stories and multiple endings, the game provides endless replayability.

SD Games was founded by Nottingham Trent University graduates and has been a platform for new and budding game designers to find their feet. The studio has hired some of the most talented people from around the UK to work on their debut title.

Emily Povi, co-founder of SD Games, said that the studio is eager for players to explore the vast world they have created and choose their own path of destruction. Level designer Rhys Brooke added that he is passionate about working on Eternal Damnation and is excited to introduce players to various areas in the game, such as the desert and the jungle.

Eternal Damnation offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience that allows players to shape the destiny of the world. With its vast world, destructive spells, and unique mutations, the game promises to provide players with an unforgettable experience.


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