Collect, Battle, and Train: Join the Kādomon Adventure on Steam Early Access

Gaming Staff • March 25, 2024

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Kādomon: Hyper Auto Battlers, a new monster-collecting roguelike auto battler, is now available on Steam Early Access. The game features a vibrant world with over 200 cute and quirky Kādomon to catch, battle, and train. Players can evolve their Kādomon to boost their skills, upgrade abilities, and take on rival teams in strategic encounters.

During the launch week, players can enjoy an additional 10% discount and receive unlocked misprints for Beleaf, Monku, and Creeze. These misprints are rare variants that can be used on the team from the beginning of the Kādomon adventure.

Kādomon: Hyper Auto Battlers offers over 200 unique Kādomon, each with their unique characteristics, strategies, and team effects. Players can complete their Kādodex, find rare misprints, fight supersized bosses, and discover mighty Hyper Evolutions to supercharge their Kādomon.

The game is developed by Dino Rocket, a small indie game studio based in Adelaide, South Australia. Kādomon: Hyper Auto Battlers is their debut title, and it is available on Steam Early Access for £7.99 GBP / €9.99 EUR / $9.99 USD, with an additional 10% discount during the first week of launch. The game will feature additional Kādomon types, new gameplay features, and quality of life improvements during Early Access.


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