Age of Wonders 4: Eldritch Realms - New Expansion Announced for June 18, 2024

Gaming Staff • May 30, 2024

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Paradox Interactive and Triumph Studios have announced details and a release date for Age of Wonders 4: Eldritch Realms, a major expansion for the fantasy strategy game. The expansion will add a new layer to the game world, the Umbral Abyss, where corruption runs rampant and new challenges await. Players can explore this new layer, discover new physical forms, mounts, events, and more. The Eldritch Realms expansion will be available on June 18, 2024, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S for a suggested retail price of $19.99/£16.99/€19.99.

The expansion will include a new Eldritch Sovereign ruler type, new magic to wield, and new tomes of magic to collect. Players can also look forward to new events, such as Cosmic Happenings, which will bring unique tactical maps, units, and mechanics to the game. Additionally, two new forms, two new story realms, and other new features will be added to the game.

Alongside the Eldritch Realms expansion, all Age of Wonders 4 players will receive a free content update, the Mystic Update, on June 18. This update will include new features such as randomized realms with hidden traits, new pantheon content, and an expanded rework of the Mystic Culture.

Age of Wonders 4: Eldritch Realms is the first expansion for Age of Wonders 4, and it promises to add new depth and challenges to the game. With its new layer, ruler type, magic, and events, players will have plenty of new content to explore and conquer. The expansion is sure to excite fans of the fantasy strategy genre, and the free Mystic Update will be a welcome addition for all players.


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