Wizordum Surprises with Episode Two Launch and New Game Features

Gaming Staff • June 5, 2024

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Wizordum, the retro first-person spellcaster developed by Emberheart Games and published by Apogee Entertainment, has released Episode Two on PC via Steam, with Episode 3 and the 1.0 launch arriving in Winter 2024. In Episode Two, players journey through new locales in Terrabruma, wielding fresh firepower, including new godlike weapons, alternate fires, consumables, and a new magic system where slaying enemies replenishes spellcasting abilities. The Storm Gauntlets allow players to unleash powerful lightning strikes, while new alt-fire abilities, such as the Fire Ring's flamethrower and the Spellstriker's Arcane Rock, provide greater flexibility in combat. Players can now mount oversized rodents, exchange scavenged loot for upgrades at the Sorcerer's Shop, and use newly added consumables like Haste Potions and Blink abilities. Episode 3 will launch this Winter, taking players to snow-capped mountains and the molten core of Terrabruma, with three new weapons and challenging enemies. Emberheart Games, led by developer Primoz Vovk, and Apogee Entertainment, founded by Scott Miller, aim to empower indie developers and create innovative games that inspire.


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