Wild Bastards: A Space Strategy Shooter like No Other, Coming Soon

Gaming Staff • February 21, 2024

Maximum Entertainment has released an extended gameplay overview for the upcoming space strategy shooter, Wild Bastards. The video provides a detailed look at the gameplay, offering insights into traveling through the galaxy, selecting a squad, navigating the map, and strategizing for victory. It also showcases the game's combat and introduces new enemy types, playable gang members, and a playable map.

Wild Bastards is set in a lawless galaxy where lawbreakers are hunted by the puritanical magnate, Jebediah Chaste. The last two surviving outlaws are saved by a sentient spaceship called The Drifter and embark on a journey to resurrect their compatriots. Players will manage a gang of 13 uniquely talented criminals, balancing their relationships and growth while exploring planets, looting, and shooting their way through the galaxy.

The game features a campaign mode and a challenge mode, which adds modifiers and increases the difficulty. Maximum Entertainment, a global entertainment company, has partnered with Blue Manchu, an Australian developer known for its genre-merging original titles, to create Wild Bastards. The game is set to launch on PC later in 2024.


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