We Heist Too: A Sandbox Thief Simulator in a 60s Atomic Fiction World

Gaming Staff • June 19, 2024

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We Heist Too is a sandbox, open-world, stealth game developed by Z33 Games. The game is set in the unusual city of Rywadorium, featuring atomic 60s fiction. Players take on the role of a thief, exploring the city and entering people's homes without permission. The game can be perceived as a thief simulator, stealth game, adventure/exploration game, puzzle game, or RPG.

The game offers a variety of possibilities, from purchasing equipment like a glider to interacting with citizens, some of whom may become annoyed and alert the police or genius robots. Almost everything in the game is interactive, and players must explore their surroundings to find useful items and solve tasks. Players can choose their approach, whether it be using intelligence to solve tasks undetected or using force and weapons to ram through obstacles.

Visiting shops, gas stations, and workshops can help players acquire useful items, but they come at a price. Players can also communicate with their partner in crime, Bernard Maidenhoff, for additional knowledge and advice. The game's art style is inspired by atomic heart, bioshock, we happy few, and American 60s dream-like future tech.

The core focus of the game is the sandbox, open-world, stealth gameplay with inspirations from games like robbery bob or hello neighbor. The gameplay encourages creativity and problem-solving, with multiple ways to complete objectives. The game's art style is a significant aspect of the overall experience. We Heist Too is available on Steam, Game Jolt, and itch.io.


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