Wandering Cat: A Purr-fect Culinary Adventure with Fishing and Hunting Extras

Gaming Staff • February 27, 2024

"Wandering Cat" is a solo game development project by Daevis, an Italian indie developer, set to release on Steam for PC in Early Access in 2024. The game follows the adventure of Cat, a brave feline in search of the best food. Players will be immersed in a story full of secrets, friends, and enemies, as they search for ingredients to cook delicious dishes for Cat.

The game offers two relaxing activities: fishing and mouse hunting. Fishing involves catching fish, which are fundamental ingredients for various recipes, with the help of a human friend named Dave. Mouse hunting challenges players to find mice hiding in secret places, with the chance to earn a particular currency as a reward. These activities are currently available in pre-alpha for selected testers.

As development progresses, new extras will be added to enhance the gameplay experience. "Wandering Cat" is a personal project from Daevis to his two children, inspired by his love for creating video games and his excitement for games like Zelda.

Players can follow the game's development through social media links, including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and the official website. The game's Steam page is also available for interested players to add it to their wishlist.


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