V Rising's PlayStation 5 Release: Seize the Night and Rule the Vampire World

Gaming Staff • June 11, 2024

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Stunlock Studios, a Swedish game developer, has released the PlayStation 5 version of their open-world fantasy survival Action-RPG, V Rising. The game was initially launched on Steam on May 8, 2024, and received positive reviews from critics and players. In V Rising, players awaken as a vampire and must construct their own castle, avoid sunlight, and explore a vast world filled with dangerous creatures and bosses. The PS5 version includes DualSense game controller support and UI enhancements, providing a tailored experience for console players.

The Legacy of Castlevania event, a collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment, is now available for console players, featuring the legendary vampire hunter Simon Belmont and the iconic whip weapon. Players can also purchase the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack cosmetic DLC for 19.99 EUR/USD. The Complete Edition, which includes all cosmetic packs, is available for 99.99 EUR/USD.

Key features of V Rising include immersive hands-on Action-RPG combat, survival crafting gameplay, exploration of a dark fantasy world, boss battles, character customization, and various weapon types and spells. Players can choose from three different editions: Standard Edition (39.99 EUR/USD), Castlevania Edition (59.99 EUR/USD), and Complete Edition (99.99 EUR/USD).

Stunlock Studios, based in Skövde, Sweden, is known for their successful games, including V Rising and the arena brawler Battlerite. The studio focuses on creating multiplayer action games with a passion for community-driven experiences. For more information about Stunlock Studios and V Rising, visit their official website.


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