Urbek: Design Thriving Neighborhoods and Manage Resources in a City Building Game

Gaming Staff • April 24, 2024

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Urbek is a city-building game that allows players to construct their own neighborhoods, from industrial districts to nightlife areas. The game features over 30 models of railroad cars, locomotives, and train stations, which can be used to connect population and productive buildings, increasing their output.

The game is focused on neighborhoods, each with its own unique requirements. For instance, a bohemian neighborhood may need bars, parks, and libraries, while a bourgeois neighborhood requires luxury shops and parks. The population density and building types also impact the growth and development of the neighborhoods.

In Urbek, there is no money; instead, players must manage over 30 different resources, such as food, coal, and skilled work, to build structures. Efficient resource management is crucial to prevent resources from running out before they can be replaced. Players can choose how to produce energy for their inhabitants and industries.

Education is vital in Urbek, as producing enough qualified and scientific work allows players to build more advanced buildings. The game also features an organic growth system, where some constructions appear based on surrounding conditions, such as buildings with multiple floors appearing in densely populated areas with basic services.

Players can move around at street level to gain a more intimate sense of the city they are creating and observe the differences between neighborhoods. Overall, Urbek is a complex and engaging city-building game that requires strategic resource management and thoughtful neighborhood design.


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