Unravel Medieval Legends in Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys

Gaming Staff • May 7, 2024

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HeR Interactive, the developer of the renowned Nancy Drew video game series, has launched its latest installment, Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys. The game is now available for purchase on Windows and Mac operating systems exclusively at herinteractive.com for $32.00.

In this new adventure, players take on the role of detective Nancy Drew as she investigates the theft of a client's heirloom necklace in the historic city of Prague. The game features a unique dual navigation system, allowing players to choose between classic point-and-click or free-roam controls. Additionally, the updated user interface and new interactions enhance the overall player experience.

Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys offers over 20 hours of gameplay, challenging puzzles, and the opportunity to explore various environments in Prague. Players can meet and interrogate over ten unique characters and suspects, uncovering the real mystery behind the legend of the seven keys. The game also features cutting-edge technology from JALI Research, significantly improving character animations, facial expressions, and lip-syncing.

HeR Interactive collaborated with Unity's Games & Entertainment Technology team to develop this new Nancy Drew game. The game is rated E 10+ by ESRB and will be available on May 7, 2024, at herinteractive.com.

HeR Interactive is a female-led video game publisher and developer that has been creating Nancy Drew games for over 25 years. With over 30 awards and 9 million copies sold, HeR Interactive has been a pioneer of fun and inspiring interactive family entertainment. Nancy Drew books, first published in 1930, have sold over 100 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 22 languages.

Unity Technologies is the world's leading platform for tools that enable creators to build and grow real-time games, apps, and experiences across multiple platforms. JALI Research is a company that provides cutting-edge technology for facial animation and lip-syncing.


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