Unlock SMITE 2's Founder's Edition Now: Exclusive Bonuses and Early Access

Gaming Staff • March 13, 2024

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Unlock SMITE 2's Founder's Edition Now: Exclusive Bonuses and Early Access

Titan Forge Games has announced the availability of the SMITE 2 Founder's Edition, which includes the Deluxe and Ultimate versions. Players who become Founding Deities will receive unique bonuses in SMITE and SMITE 2, as well as early access to the sequel. The Founder's Edition content will be available in SMITE immediately and in SMITE 2 when alpha testing begins.

The SMITE 2 Founder's Edition includes exclusive early access to the battleground during pre-launch Alpha Weekend Events, a 2x Legacy Gems Booster, a special avatar in SMITE, and a badge in SMITE 2. The Deluxe Founder's Edition includes a Cross-Gen Nightstalker Neith Skin and Ascension Passes for the first 11 alpha launch Gods, while the Ultimate Founder's Edition includes Ascension Passes for the first 23 alpha Gods and a special cross-gen avatar, title, and badge.

SMITE 2 is the next generation of the popular third-person action MOBA, SMITE, and will be available on Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Epic Games Store. The game is built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5 and features reimagined Gods, updated audio, VFX refinements, gameplay changes, and overhauled Relic and Item systems for deeper strategy and more impactful combat.

Players can now wishlist SMITE 2 and register for alpha test access at SMITE2.com. More information about SMITE 2 can be found on the official website and via various social media platforms.

Titan Forge Games is the largest of Hi-Rez's in-house studios and is responsible for the BAFTA award-winning game SMITE. Hi-Rez is an industry-leading video game publisher and developer with a player base in excess of 110 million people worldwide. The company has won multiple awards and accolades for innovation and technology and has been recognized for its company culture, leadership, and diversity as an employer.


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