Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with The Rusty Longsword on STEAM™

Gaming Staff • May 30, 2024

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Provo, Utah-based indie game developer John Gonzalez, under the name Sapling Studios, has released a 3D pixel-art adventure game called The Rusty Longsword. The game is now available for PC on STEAM™. In The Rusty Longsword, players assume the role of Rana, a gnome on a mission to climb a mysterious island filled with undiscovered surprises.

The game's vibrant world is rendered in 3D pixel-art, offering a unique and charming visual experience. Players can explore the island, interact with various characters, and collect treasure as they progress through the game. As they ascend to the top of the island, the challenges they encounter will become increasingly complex and difficult.

The Rusty Longsword offers a memorable fantasy-adventure gameplay experience, with puzzles and challenges to solve along the way. Players will meet new friends and encounter charming characters throughout their journey. The game is suitable for all ages and experience levels, making it accessible to a wide audience.

Sapling Studios' website, , provides more information about the developer and their games. Gamers can also follow Sapling Studios on Twitter and Discord for updates and community engagement. The Rusty Longsword is available for purchase on STEAM™ at .


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