Unleash Your Imagination: Multiverse Designer's Cyberpunk Makeover on Kickstarter

Gaming Staff • February 19, 2024

Toopan Games, a Brazilian game studio established in 2018, is developing Multiverse Designer, an innovative virtual tabletop platform designed specifically for role-playing games (RPGs). With a focus on immersion and creativity, Multiverse Designer aims to provide users with powerful tools to create and customize 3D environments, characters, and storylines for their RPG sessions.

Key features of Multiverse Designer include:

* Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for creating 3D setpieces with full customization options, including multiple heights and lighting effects.
* A vast library of 3D assets for various genres like fantasy, science fiction, and realistic settings.
* Customization options for environmental elements such as floor tiles, wall textures, and light sources.
* Population of environments with animated models of monsters and NPCs using the Encounter Spawner tool.
* Real-time lip-syncing for characters using the Roleplay Theater tool.
* Dynamic fog of war that simulates the character's field of vision.
* Importation of external 3D assets to expand the asset library.
* Virtual tabletop functionality with features like virtual dice, character sheets, and tools for managing RPG sessions.
* Hosting of online multiplayer RPG sessions or use as a virtual support tool during physical games with friends.

Multiverse Designer has successfully raised 70% of its $60,000 USD funding goal on Kickstarter and continues to seek further support from the gaming community. By backing the project on Kickstarter, users can gain access to exclusive rewards and updates throughout the development process.

For more information about Multiverse Designer, visit the project's Kickstarter page or follow Toopan Games on social media.


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