Union of Gnomes Unveils Endless 'Neverending Nightmare' Mode

Gaming Staff • June 5, 2024

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HeroCraft PC has announced the release of Neverending Nightmare Mode for its popular deck-building roguelike game, Union of Gnomes. This new mode offers an endless game loop with additional content and reworked mechanics, providing a fresh challenge for players.

In Neverending Nightmare Mode, players will face two new gnome heroes, 19 regular enemies, and five bosses. The game features 92 powerful cards with various synergies, and the new Gnomes' wagon provides valuable bonuses and power-ups.

Union of Gnomes is developed by Hoolignomes, a small female-led team that promotes freedom and equality through quirky humor and anarchy vibes. The game's publisher, HeroCraft PC, has a portfolio of over 10 games, focusing on role-playing, action, and strategy titles. HeroCraft PC is currently publishing several games, including Heart Abyss, Deck of Souls, Catizens, Union of Gnomes, and Lord Ambermaze.

Neverending Nightmare Mode is available now in a new demo on Steam, offering players a chance to see how far they can go in this challenging new game mode.


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