Uncover the Haunting of Joni Evers in Causeway Studios' Debut Game

Gaming Staff • February 28, 2024

Causeway Studios, an independent game development studio, has announced its debut game, The Haunting of Joni Evers. The game is set to release later in 2024 and will be available for Windows and Mac. Players can wishlist the game on the studio's official website. The Haunting of Joni Evers is the first installment in the Worlds Across the Causeway anthology universe, which will feature interconnected stories.

The game is a follow-up to the events of the short story Page A6 and is preceded by the Aftermath series of vignettes. In The Haunting of Joni Evers, players will explore the Cunningham House and uncover the mystery of what is haunting Joni Evers. The game offers an emotional tale of an estranged family and a malevolent, interdimensional haunting. Players must confront Joni's past and examine her memories to unravel the mystery.

Causeway Studios is composed of professionals from the Tesseract Center, Unity Technologies, and Amazon. The studio aims to create games that bring people together in stories of the deeply human within the vast and the strange within the mundane. The Haunting of Joni Evers is the studio's first step in achieving this goal, and the team is excited to share this emotional and thrilling game with players.

The Haunting of Joni Evers is a significant milestone for Causeway Studios, as it marks the beginning of their journey as an independent game studio. The team is committed to creating an evergreen and sustainable studio, and they are excited about the future of the Worlds Across the Causeway anthology universe. The studio's official website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages provide more information about the game and the studio.


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