Uncover Mysteries in Steampunk Adventure S.O.L Search of Light, Out Now

Gaming Staff • April 25, 2024

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Uncover Mysteries in Steampunk Adventure S.O.L Search of Light, Out Now

Firenut Games and Trigger the Monster have announced the release of S.O.L Search of Light, a steampunk/dark fantasy adventure game that combines resource management, narrative mechanics, and tower defense gameplay. The game is now available for PC via Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch for £19.99GBP/$19.99USD/€19.99EUR with a 10% discount on Steam.

In S.O.L Search of Light, players take on the role of The Foreigner, an enigmatic character who must ascend through levels of the Underground to uncover hidden surface mysteries. The Foreigner must rely on his ingenuity and the help of domestic robots to defend against enemy hordes that attack the base every 'night.'

The game features tower defense mechanics, customization options, exploration, and puzzle-solving. Players can improve and customize their character using different resources and objects discovered in the Underground. The Underground environment is procedurally generated, providing a fresh gameplay experience each time.

S.O.L Search of Light is available now for PC via Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch in the US, EU, and JP regions. For more information, follow the official social channels on X and YouTube. Firenut Games is a European video game publishing company focused on producing games with a unique essence for PC and consoles.


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