Uncharted Waters Online: Chapter 4.2 'Gemini' Unleashes New Adventures

Gaming Staff • April 19, 2024

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Uncharted Waters Online: Chapter 4.2 'Gemini' Unleashes New Adventures

Uncharted Waters Online (UWO), a historical sailing MMO set in the Age of Discovery, has released its latest chapter, Chapter 4.2: Gemini, under the stewardship of Papaya Play. UWO offers players the freedom to explore uncharted territory, engage in trading, battling pirates, or even becoming one, with continuous adaptations and improvements to cater to its global audience.

The Gemini update introduces new content, including Star Investigation and Epic Biographies, providing opportunities for players to enhance their skills in land and sea battles. The new Figures on Epic Biographies feature allows players to boost the rank limits of their Recognition and Handicraft Skills, unlocking recipes to craft advanced Weaponsmith's and Armoursmith's Forging Tools.

New Constellations to Investigate offer players a journey across the seas, utilizing star-gazing skills to unlock new character gear rewards. Armouringsmith's Forging Tools now have a higher hard cap for enhancing Extra Armouring value, allowing players to improve their ships' defense capabilities.

Additional updates include new types of ships, an advanced Coliseum Mission, and new weather and phenomena discoveries. Players can explore these new features through the official site, Steam, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

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