Two Hands Eggs: A Quirky Action Game Launches on Steam Early Access

Gaming Staff • March 28, 2024

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TamagoEggs, a game development couple, has announced the launch of their new game, Two Hands Eggs, into Early Access on Steam as of April 11, 2024. The game is inspired by "Super Bunny Man" and "Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy," offering unique physics-driven action and unusual control sensations that bring laughter to players.

Two Hands Eggs features special controls using two sticks on a controller to move the hands for walking, jumping, braking, punching, crawling, and more. Characters display various emotions, making the game more engaging. The game is designed to be accessible to all players, with various difficulty levels, including easy modes and a challenging "Challenge Mode."

Two Hands Eggs encourages multiplayer fun, allowing players to collaborate in stage modes or compete in mini-games. Players can record and stream the game freely for both non-commercial and commercial purposes. The game is still in development, and the team plans to gather feedback from players to adjust the balance of existing modes and add new ones.

TamagoEggs, the couple behind the game, is committed to creating and nurturing games together, as symbolized by their team name. They handle two controllers each in the Early Access teaser video, demonstrating four-player gameplay. For more information, visit the official website () or follow them on Twitter (@tamago_eggs00).


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