Turtle Flip Studio Receives Funding for Family-Friendly Party Game, 'Which Way Up: Galaxy Games'

Gaming Staff • March 21, 2024

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Turtle Flip Studio's upcoming party game, Which Way Up: Galaxy Games, has received funding from Screen Australia's Games Production Fund. The fund is designed to support Australian independent game developers by providing grants for original game projects with budgets below $500,000. Which Way Up: Galaxy Games is a family-friendly party game that allows players to run on walls and ceilings, orbit around planets, and maneuver through gravity fields.

The game features gravity-bending platforming with up to 4 friends locally using Steam Remote Play and includes more than 10 Space Events, such as Overload, Star Ring, Comet Collect, Event Horizon, and Constellation Catch. Each event features its own unique challenge, such as collecting comets or capturing constellations.

Turtle Flip Studio is a game development and creative technology studio based in Sydney, Australia. They work predominantly in the Unity game engine and are dedicated to creating interactive experiences. The IndiEXP, a small marketing and PR agency based in Australia, is working with Turtle Flip Studio to promote Which Way Up: Galaxy Games.

The Games Production Fund, Emerging Gamemakers Fund, and the Future Leaders Delegation were introduced by Screen Australia to provide Australian independent game developers with direct funding for original games, support new projects from emerging game makers, and offer additional opportunities for professional development. The Games Production Fund provides grants of up to $100,000 towards supporting the development of original, Australian independent games with a budget of up to $500,000 at the time of applying to support the game towards a significant milestone of its development.

Turtle Flip Studio founder Nick Cellini expressed his excitement and gratitude for the funding, stating that it will help capture the original vision for the game and bring smiles to faces gathered around screens worldwide. The funding will be used to improve the game's development and ensure quality of production. Which Way Up: Galaxy Games is set to be released soon, and with its unique gameplay and local multiplayer feature, it is sure to provide hours of fun for family and friends of all ages.


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