Turn Trash into Treasure: Experience Recycling Center Simulator

Gaming Staff • April 22, 2024

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"Recycling Center Simulator" is an upcoming business simulation game developed by Balas Games, set to release in Q3 2024. In this first-person view game, players will take on the role of running a recycling center, where they will sort and recycle garbage into saleable raw materials, with the ultimate goal of turning a profit.

Players will have the opportunity to bargain with customers for cheaper garbage, collect garbage from various locations such as homes, factories, and workshops, and load it into their truck. Once the garbage is collected, players will sort and prepare it for production, separating materials such as wood, glass, metal, paper, and plastic. These materials can then be recycled using different machines, which can be purchased with three different levels of production capabilities.

By combining different raw materials, players can create final products to sell to customers, earning money to purchase new machines and expand their factory. The game features a variety of machines and raw materials to work with, providing a range of options for players to create and sell products.

Balas Games is a game studio founded in 2021, and "Recycling Center Simulator" marks their first PC game after working in the Hyper Casual Genre with major publishers for two years. The game's Steam page is currently live, and interested players can follow the developer's Twitter and Discord channels for updates and announcements.

Overall, "Recycling Center Simulator" offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience for players interested in business simulation and environmental sustainability. With its variety of machines, raw materials, and products, players will have plenty of opportunities to create and sell their way to a successful recycling center.


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