Try Soulkin Demo: Collect Soulkins, Outsmart Foes in Tactical Roguelite

Gaming Staff • May 28, 2024

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Tambu Games, an Italian company known for tabletop games and gamification, has announced the release of the Soulkin demo on Steam Next Fest. Soulkin is a tactical roguelite that combines monster-collecting and strategic turn-based combat, set in the world of Ankiril where players control Nadia, a heroine with the power to bond with magical creatures. The game offers strategic and tactical combat, soulkin collection and progression, and dynamic runs with unique challenges in every playthrough.

The current demo focuses on core gameplay, with rich lore and narrative enhancements planned for the full version. Soulkin's key features include strategic and tactical combat, soulkin collection and growth, challenging progression, and dynamic runs. Players can try out the demo on Steam and join the Tambu Games Discord for updates and community interaction.

Tambu Games, founded in 2018, has built a reputation for creating engaging experiences for various audiences, including tabletop games, gamification, and now entering the video game market. The company's mission is to deliver high-quality, entertaining experiences for players worldwide.


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