TROLEU: A Raucous Ride as a Trolleybus Conductor, by Indie Developer andrground

Gaming Staff • March 1, 2024

andrground, an indie game developer from Moldova, has announced the upcoming release of TROLEU, a first-person action game that lets players experience the life of a trolleybus conductor. The game is set to be released on Steam and will offer a unique blend of humor, chaos, and interactive characters.

In TROLEU, players will navigate through various routes in different neighborhoods, collecting fares, issuing tickets, and dealing with unruly passengers. The game features dynamic interactions with a diverse cast of characters and unexpected challenges, such as surprise inspections by the controller. The goal is to ensure a smooth ride for everyone on board while experiencing the everyday challenges of public transit in a fun and entertaining way.

TROLEU has already gained significant social traction, with positive feedback from various online communities, including Reddit and YouTube. The game is currently in active development, and an expected release date has not been announced yet. Players can wishlist the game on Steam and follow andrground on social media to stay updated on the latest news and developments.

andrground is a solo indie game developer from Chisinau, Moldova, who has previously developed games for He is best known for the short horror game Elevated Dread, which received 45k downloads and millions of views on YouTube. He was also part of a team that developed Sneakerdoodle, one of the winners of GMTK Game Jam 2023, which received over 12k browser plays.

TROLEU promises to deliver a unique and entertaining experience that captures the chaos and charm of public transportation. With its engaging gameplay, dynamic interactions, and unexpected challenges, TROLEU is a game that players won't want to miss.


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