Total War: WARHAMMER III Shadows of Change DLC Gets New Units, Magic, and Mounts

Gaming Staff • February 22, 2024

Creative Assembly has announced new gameplay additions for the Shadows of Change DLC in Total War: WARHAMMER III. The update includes 12 new units for the armies of Kislev, Grand Cathay, and Tzeentch, as well as a new magic lore and a unique war mount for Tzarina Katarin, which will be free for all base game owners.

The new units offer a variety of abilities and playstyles. Kislev's Frost Wyrm is a huge beast useful for both individual combat and as a mount for Katarin and the Ice Witches. The Druzhina is a Lord focused on supporting missile units, while the Golden Knight is a heavily armored hero who excels at protecting friendly characters. Kislevite Warriors are low-cost frontline troops, useful for shielding other units.

Grand Cathay's Gate Master of the Celestial Cities is a defensive hero who buffs nearby units and shoots enemies from behind the battle line. Saytang the Watcher is a giant-sized Legendary Hero who uses a colossal magical bow to fire artillery-grade projectiles. The Great Moon Bird is a fearsome fighter that can create a vortex of Moon Fire, while the Celestial Lion is a mount for the Celestial General, offering exceptional ground mobility and fearsome roar ability.

Tzeentch's new units include the Chaos Lord of Tzeentch, a Champion built for taking down big foes, and the Exalted Hero of Tzeentch, a three-headed monstrosity that excels in melee combat. Centigors of Tzeentch are fast and hard-hitting cavalry, while Changebringers offer unmatched maneuverability and devastating Chaos firepower.

The Lore of the Hag, available to both Mother Ostankya and the Hag Witches of Kislev, features six new spells and a new lore attribute, primarily focused on disrupting and hexing enemy units. The Ice Court Sled mount for Tzarina Katarin is free for all base game owners, providing a fast way to traverse the battlefields of the WARHAMMER world.

Total War: WARHAMMER III's Shadows of Change DLC is available now on Steam


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