Tiger Blade Quest Update: Free 'Challenges' DLC Now Available for True Masters

Gaming Staff • March 1, 2024

On February 29, 2024, Ikimasho, the developer of Tiger Blade, released the first of three free updates called "Challenges" for the game on Quest. Each update contains two levels designed to test the players' skills, with the first update, Challenges Update 1, available now. The new content is accessible only after completing the 'One Tough Kuki' chapter in the main game.

Tiger Blade is a VR game set in an alternate Korea, where players take on the role of the deadliest assassin for the Horangi chapter of the Tiger Clans. The game offers heart-pounding action scenes, leaving players feeling like an unstoppable killing machine. Tiger Blade features online leaderboards, speedrunning, and a replayable design. The game's soundtrack includes music from Korean hip hop superstars SINCE, Bryn, Bruno Champman, and Kitsyojii.

Challenges Update 1 includes two levels: Survival and Shooting Range. Survival requires players to make it through the level within the objective's target time and without taking a single hit. Shooting Range equips players with dual-wield SMGs and infinite ammo, challenging them to kill all enemies within the objective's target time while incurring a time penalty whenever they're hit.

Big Sugar, the publisher of Tiger Blade, is a company that works with talented independent developers to publish unique, fun, and high-quality games. Ikimasho, the developer, is located in Paris and aims to deliver the most satisfying action games to VR.

Challenges Update 2 and 3 release dates are yet to be confirmed, but the Challenges levels will be made available on PS VR2 at a later date. Tiger Blade is out now for Quest and PS VR2.


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