The Use of Life: Misha Route Reaches Its Final Chapter - Choose Your Fate in this Multi-Ending RPG

Gaming Staff • May 23, 2024

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The Use of Life, a multi-ending adventure book style RPG by solo developer Daraneko, has received an update for the final chapter of the Misha route on May 23, 2024. The game features important choices that determine the story's branches and endings. In Chapter 4 of the Misha route, the player's previous choices come into play, leading to two different final boss fights. After completing the story, an extra post-game feature is unlocked, allowing players to view character profiles and portraits.

The Use of Life is influenced by the player's choices, shaping Goshe's thoughts and attachments in life. The game has no "Good" or "Bad" endings, only various conclusions based on the player's actions. Events are narrated in an adventure book style, with TRPG-esque dice rolls that affect the outcome. The turn-based battle system combines strategy with quick reflexes and action, providing tense and satisfying encounters.

Goshe's abilities and stats can be customized through leveling and class selection, affecting both battle and event outcomes. The game is now available on Steam in Early Access, published by PLAYISM, for $17.99. It supports Japanese, English, Traditional, and Simplified Chinese languages.


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