The Sinking City 2: Fight Eldritch Horrors in a Lovecraftian Flooded Arkham, 2025

Gaming Staff • March 7, 2024

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Frogwares, in partnership with Microsoft, has announced The Sinking City 2, a survival-horror game set in a Lovecraftian 1920s United States. The game takes place in the city of Arkham, which is now plagued by a supernatural flood that has brought decay and Eldritch monsters to its streets. Players will fight nightmarish abominations, explore a rotting city as the rising waters change the landscape, and discover the dark mysteries that brought them to this forsaken place. The game features an arsenal of 1920s-inspired firearms and melee weapons, a semi-open world of decaying mansions, limited resources, and a captivating story set around the Lovecraft mythos of cults, mutant creatures, and incomprehensible gods.

With The Sinking City 2, Frogwares aims to pivot the studio to a "horror-first" focus with gameplay primarily built around combat, exploration, and its Lovecraftian setting + story. The team has moved over to Unreal Engine 5 to utilize the technological leaps and bounds the engine offers. The game will have Frogwares' other hallmark feature - the ability to be a cunning detective, but this time around, the feature will be entirely optional. Players can decide when and where to put on their sleuthing caps to unveil new secrets, lore, ways to progress, etc.

As Ukraine is still in a state of war, Frogwares has decided to turn to Kickstarter again to create a safety net for the studio as well as help secure some additional features for the game. The campaign is expected to launch soon, but for now, fans can sign up to be informed by Kickstarter once the campaign goes live. The Sinking City 2 is coming to PC, PS5, and XBX in 2025.


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