The Light Brigade's One-Year Anniversary Update: New Class, Procedurally Generated World, and Tarot Cards

Gaming Staff • April 19, 2024

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The Light Brigade, a VR roguelike shooter where you combat darkness with a mix of physics-based gunplay and light-powered magic, is getting a significant update to celebrate its one-year anniversary. The update includes a new playable Hunter class with a recurve bow and throwing knives, a procedurally generated world called "Sunless Keep," and new tarot cards that offer significant boosts to the player's abilities.

Since its release on February 22, 2023, Funktronic Labs has been working on improving The Light Brigade by fixing bugs and adding quality-of-life improvements. The first major content update, "Memories of War," was released on August 31, adding the Engineer and Shotgunner classes, new items, hand-crafted levels, and a shooting range mini-game. On December 7, Funktronic Labs released the MR mode and Quest 3 graphics update, which included new graphics options and improved performance for the Quest 2.

The Light Brigade features physics-based gunplay, light magic abilities, deep roguelike mechanics, equipment upgrades, and the chance to uncover the mystery behind the world's downfall. Funktronic Labs is committed to continuously iterating on the game to make it the premiere roguelike VR experience.

Funktronic Labs is a LA-based studio that focuses on delivering creative experiences through games, VR/AR, and other interactive media. Creature, a VR-focused video game studio and label, founded in 2023, is committed to revolutionizing the gaming industry through innovation and creativity. The Light Brigade is one of the groundbreaking projects in Creature's portfolio.

In summary, The Light Brigade is a VR roguelike shooter that offers a unique blend of physics-based gunplay and light-powered magic. The game has received significant updates and improvements since its release, and the one-year anniversary update includes a new playable class, procedurally generated world, and new tarot cards. Funktronic Labs and Creature are committed to delivering creative and innovative experiences to players.


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