Tell Me Your Story: A Cozy Puzzle Game About Generational Bonding, Now Available on Switch and Steam

Gaming Staff • April 26, 2024

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RedDeer.Games has announced the release of its new in-house title, "Tell Me Your Story." The cozy puzzle game follows Amelia and her grandma Rose as they unpack and clean Rose's new home, uncovering unusual mementos that spark memories of Rose's past adventures around the world. Together, they travel to the past and rediscover the Amazon rainforest, green hills of Yunnan, China, and the magical sights of the Orient Express's Paris-Istanbul route.

The game features thematic puzzles, cooking recipes, and present-day riddles that help strengthen the bond between Amelia and Rose. "Tell Me Your Story" boasts a minimalistic, cozy design and traditional art style, reminiscent of children's books or movies. Players can enjoy the game on Nintendo Switch or Steam, and a playable demo is available on Steam.

RedDeer.Games, an independent developer and publisher of video games, has received recognition from "Forbes" as one of the Top50 Polish game producers and has been named one of "The Fastest Growing Gamedev Companies in Central Europe." The company's portfolio includes over 80 unique indie titles, such as "Sprout Valley," "One Night: Burlesque," "Little Mouse Encyclopedia," "She Wants Me Dead," and "Uzzuzzu My Pet - Golf Dash," as well as franchises like "The Smurfs," "Kayko & Kokosh," and "The Evil One." RedDeer.Games plans to release "DROS" and "I See Red" on the Nintendo Switch console, as well as their original project, "Tell Me Your Story," in 2024.


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