Sphaira Innovation Acquires Playmob: A Greener Future for Gaming

Gaming Staff • May 14, 2024

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Sphaira Innovation, a not-for-profit organization focused on driving positive change through technology, has acquired Playmob, a video games market insights specialist. The acquisition aims to strengthen the partnership between Playmob and Sphaira's PlanetPlay, which aims to unite the gaming industry and players in the fight against climate change.

Jude Ower, CEO of Playmob, has been appointed Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Sphaira UK and has collaborated closely with PlanetPlay on the Make Green Tuesday Moves campaign. Ower is also the Co-Founder of the Playing For The Planet Alliance and Co-Author of the book 'Gaming for Good'. She has worked with the UNDP on the 'People's Climate Vote' and is currently working on a new international study with the UNDP.

PlanetPlay and Playmob will work together under the Sphaira Innovation umbrella to scale their efforts and make a bigger impact on climate action. The acquisition will help to accelerate the growth of Sphaira's eco donate platform and engage more gamers in supporting climate projects.

Playmob is a market insights platform that uses gaming to understand people's attitudes and values. The company is a proud founding member of the Playing For The Planet Alliance and has a mission to unlock billions of actions that positively impact global issues.

PlanetPlay is a not-for-profit digital platform that allows everyone around the world to contribute to climate action through in-game purchases and gameplay with affiliated game studios. The platform has already driven over $2.2 million in climate project funding in its first year and is committed to unlocking the potential of green initiatives through the Games Industry.

Sphaira Innovation AG was founded in November 2021 in Zug, Switzerland, and is focused on driving positive change through technology. The organization believes in celebrating every effort to make the world a better place. Sphaira Innovation Ltd (UK) is a fully owned subsidiary of Sphaira Innovation AG.


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