Speed Server Now Live in MU Online: Level Up Fast for Ydalir Server

Gaming Staff • May 21, 2024

Pc Games

WEBZEN, a South Korean game developer and publisher, has announced that the Speed Server for its classic PC MMORPG MU Online is now live. The Speed Server is intended to provide a fast track for players to level up in preparation for the upcoming Ydalir Server, which is set to launch on June 4. Players who participate in the Speed Server will be able to reach the new maximum level cap of 850, take part in exclusive events, and receive generous rewards.

To make the Speed Server more enjoyable, WEBZEN has provided free gifts for all players, including a [SPEED] +9 BloodAngel Armor set, Gold Channel Ticket, [SPEED]+9 Divine Archangel Weapon, and more. These items can be obtained simply by logging in to the account.

During the event period, players can earn 100 Ruud automatically every time they level up from Level 401 to 850, with a maximum of 45,000 Ruud. Players who reach Level 800 will receive extra rewards, including (Bound) +13 3rd Wings +Luck and 350,000 Ruud.

Players can transfer their characters from the Speed Server to the new Ydalir server with a transfer ticket from the in-game shop, which will be given once per account for free. Players who reach target levels in the Speed Server will receive level up perks such as Guardian Elf Muun(30Days) and Gold Channel Ticket(28Days) upon transferring to the Ydalir server.

WEBZEN has also announced various events and benefits for all MU Online players, including playtime rewards, first purchase events, level-up ranking events, and limited-time offers. For more information, visit the official MU Online website and join the official Facebook community.

WEBZEN Inc. is a global developer and publisher of PC and mobile games, with 60 million registered players globally. The company is leading the expansion of IP franchise business and collaborations with a wide range of creative partners. Further information on Webzen and its games can be found at .


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