Soulmask Scores 200k Sales with 500 Hours of Gameplay & 10 Masks

Gaming Staff • June 4, 2024

Pc Games Early Access Indie Game Role Playing Game

The survival-crafting game, Soulmask, developed by Qooland and Campfire Studios, has achieved 200,000 sales on Steam and maintains an 80% positive review score. Launching into Early Access, Soulmask has converted 50% of its 400,000 wishlists into sales.

Following the open beta, the Early Access version offers an extensive range of new content and improvements, including:

1. Over 500 hours of gameplay, with seven vast regions encompassing 64 square kilometers and seven distinct biomes.
2. Ten signature masks, each with unique powers, adding strategy and customization to survival tactics.
3. Six fearsome bosses, including five powerful pyramid bosses and one mysterious sci-fi-inspired boss.
4. Eight distinct weapon classes, featuring 75 unique battle skills.
5. Five special mounts to tame, enhancing the player's journey.
6. Nearly 400 ancient relics to uncover, enriching the adventure.
7. Dynamic tribesmen with nearly 300 unique talents, playing a critical role in the game's ecosystem.
8. 300 construction components for building and customizing a cozy home.
9. New Private Server Mode, offering over 100 customization functions in stand-alone and online modes.
10. Enhanced character action and sound effects, adding depth to the gameplay experience.

Soulmask's success is evident in its positive reception and significant sales, demonstrating the game's appeal to survival-crafting enthusiasts.


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