Solve Murder Mysteries in 1920s China: Murders on the Yangtze River Coming to Steam

Gaming Staff • March 13, 2024

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OMEGames Studio, a Beijing-based indie game developer, has announced the English release of its successful PC debut title, "Murders on the Yangtze River." The murder mystery game, which has already sold over 150,000 copies in China, will be available on Steam as of March 15th, 2024, for $14.99. A demo featuring the first case can be downloaded now.

Inspired by classic mystery series like "Ace Attorney" and "The Kindaichi Case Files," "Murders on the Yangtze River" follows John Shen, a law student in London, who suspects foul play in his brother's death. Convinced that the author of a detective novel depicting a murder scene identical to his brother's death is involved, Shen returns to China to uncover the truth.

Players will help Shen solve six complex cases, providing 10-15 hours of investigative gameplay. The game features logical reasoning, deduction, challenging puzzles, and captivating characters. Players can unlock multiple achievements and experience multiple endings based on their findings.

"Murders on the Yangtze River" boasts a beautiful, brush-painted art style, bringing the mountainside of Hunan, China, to life. The game's official website, Steam Store Page, official trailer, and press kit are available for further information.

OMEGames Studio is known for its highly-rated 4th wall-breaking mobile mystery game, "Detective Mimo" (2021), and continues to charm players with its PC debut mystery visual novel.


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