SolForge Fusion Sale: 50% Off Boosters and 25% Off on Steam

Gaming Staff • May 27, 2024

Early Access Pc Games Strategy Indie Game

Stone Blade Entertainment, the creator of the strategy game SolForge Fusion, has announced a week-long sale to celebrate the upcoming release of its latest booster kit, The Last Winter. From May 27 to June 3, 2024, players can purchase the Early Access version of SolForge Fusion on Steam for 25% off, while physical and digital booster sets, playmats, and the Starter Kit are available for 50% off on the Stone Blade website using the promo code WINTERISGOING.

The Last Winter, the third physical deck set, can be pre-ordered and will officially release on June 6, 2024. It introduces rare Blighted Forgeborn with new powers, a new legendary monster with hundreds of variations, and exalted creatures that sync with exalted lands to unleash impressive abilities.

SolForge Fusion is a collectible card-battling game developed by Justin Gary (Ascension) and Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering). The game offers thousands of cards and countless deck combinations, with algorithmically-generated faction decks that can be fused together for unique strategies. Each deck comes with a QR code that can be scanned to add it to the player's online collection, which can be used for tournaments and community events.

The Steam version of SolForge Fusion allows players to scan their decks into the game and play through the new roguelite campaign or against players worldwide. For more information about SolForge Fusion, visit the official website,, or follow Stone Blade Entertainment on social media platforms.


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