Second Fiddle Studios Debuts: Botanica, a Sproutkin's Quest for Greatness

Gaming Staff • March 12, 2024

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Second Fiddle Studios, a small indie game studio, has announced its debut title, Botanica, which is set to release later in 2024 on Steam,, and Newgrounds. The game is a 2D side-scrolling platformer that invites players to explore a magical realm where botany and magic intertwine. Players control a Sproutkin, one of the smallest and weakest creatures in the realm, on a quest to challenge the most dangerous bosses and eventually face the god of all, an entity not even the strongest creatures dare to confront.

Botanica features a lush world with four distinct environments, each presenting unique challenges and enemies. Players must rely on strategy and skill to explore the world, using a simple control scheme to slide, hop, and drop through levels. Defeating enemies grants ability seeds, which can be exchanged for new abilities, allowing for melee or ranged combat.

The game boasts digital frame-by-frame animation and a charming art style, making it accessible to both seasoned platformer enthusiasts and newcomers to the genre. Botanica features quirky and humorous dialogue, introducing players to the other creatures of the realm. The game also includes optional challenges, a boss rush mode, and extra challenges for an extended experience.

Second Fiddle Studios is a small indie game studio focused on creating charming and casual gameplay experiences. Made up of a young and determined team, Botanica is their first step in showcasing what they can accomplish in the gaming industry. With its engaging gameplay, captivating narrative, and beautiful art style, Botanica promises to be an exciting addition to the platformer genre.


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