Scoop it! Goldfish: A Classic Carnival Game on Nintendo Switch

Gaming Staff • July 1, 2024

Nintendo Switch Indie Game

On July 1, 2024, SAT-BOX announced the release of its latest game, "Scoop it! Goldfish!" The game is a modern take on the classic fairground game of goldfish scooping and will be available on the Nintendo e-Shop in English and Japanese. Players use a paper net, called a poi, to scoop up as many goldfish as they can within a given time frame.

"Scoop it! Goldfish" supports single-system play for up to four players, making it a great party game. The game features three different play modes: Score Attack, Battle, and Display. In Score Attack mode, players aim for high scores and a spot on the leaderboards, while Battle mode allows players to compete against each other and test their goldfish scooping skills. After catching fish in Score Attack mode, players can display them in an aquarium and watch them in fullscreen mode.

The game is rated E for Everyone and is compatible with TV mode, Tabletop mode, and Handheld mode. It is set to release on July 4, 2024, and will be available for purchase on the Nintendo website.

SAT-BOX is a Japanese video game developer known for creating fun and engaging party games. Players can follow SAT-BOX on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for more information about "Scoop it! Goldfish" and other SAT-BOX games. The official website for SAT-BOX and a Japanese page for "Scoop it! Goldfish" are also available.


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