Save Heaven in 6 Hours with Time-Bending Adventure, The Holy Gosh Darn

Gaming Staff • April 19, 2024

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Time travel takes center stage in a new adventure game, The Holy Gosh Darn, developed by Perfectly Paranormal and published by Yogscast Games. The game, set to release for PC and consoles this summer, features a golden stopwatch that allows players to manipulate time and space. Players will assume the role of Cassiel, an angel tasked with saving Heaven from annihilation in six hours.

The Holy Gosh Darn is set on the same Tuesday as Perfectly Paranormal's previous games, Manual Samuel and Helheim Hassle, and promises to be a hilarious adventure filled with ridiculous characters, intricate puzzles, and time manipulation. The game features a unique time-bending mechanic that allows players to replay conversations and use one timeline's events to influence another.

Perfectly Paranormal will be attending WASD and hosting a talk on April 26th, where they will reveal more about the game and their inspiration. The game is set to release this summer, and players can wishlist it on Steam.

Yogscast Games, established in 2017, has a simple goal of working with small teams to develop and publish games that are as fun to watch as they are to play. The company's most recent releases include Aces & Adventures, Trolley Problem, Inc., and PlateUp!, which recently passed 1.5m Steam units sold.

Perfectly Paranormal is an Indie Game Studio based in Hamar and Elverum, Norway. The studio is known for developing the critically acclaimed games Manual Samuel and Helheim Hassle. The Holy Gosh Darn promises to be another hit game from the studio, filled with humor, unique mechanics, and engaging gameplay.


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