Rusty's Retirement: An Idle Farming Simulator with Robots, Out April 26th on Steam

Gaming Staff • April 2, 2024

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Mister Morris Games has announced the release date for their upcoming idle farming simulator, Rusty's Retirement. The game is set to launch on April 26th for PC via Steam.

In Rusty's Retirement, players take on the role of managing a farm, where they grow crops, produce biofuel, and automate tasks with robots. The game is designed to be an idle simulator, meaning that players can let the game run in the background while they attend to other tasks.

The farming aspect of the game involves planting and harvesting crops, with new types of produce becoming available as players progress. These crops can then be used to produce biofuel, which is a vital power source for the game's robot inhabitants. Players can sell this biofuel to earn money, which can be reinvested into expanding the farm.

To assist with farming tasks, players can deploy a team of robots, which can be customized and upgraded to increase efficiency. The game is designed to be multitask-friendly, with a small window that can be placed at the bottom of the screen, allowing players to keep an eye on their farm while attending to other tasks. There is also a "Focus Mode" that slows down crop production for players who prefer a less distracting view.

Rusty's Retirement is being developed by Jordan Morris, the sole developer at Mister Morris Games. Morris is responsible for conceptualizing the game's ideas and bringing them to life through hand-drawn animation and code in the Unity game engine. Morris's first game, Haiku the Robot, was released in 2022.


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