Rumble Racing Star's Exciting 'Race for Riches' Event: Win Big with Ladybug’s Journey Part 2

Gaming Staff • May 17, 2024

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Rumble Racing Star's Exciting 'Race for Riches' Event: Win Big with Ladybug’s Journey Part 2

Delabs Games has introduced an exciting Play-to-Airdrop event, "Ladybug’s Journey Part 2: Race for Riches," to their racing game, Rumble Racing Star. This event, which runs from May 16th to July 16th, offers a $100,000 USDC prize pool for the top 100 players on the leaderboard and $GAME airdrops for the top 80% of participants based on their leaderboard percentile.

Players can earn Buggy Track Checker (BTC) points through various race modes, with additional bonuses for finishing in the top three or first place. Special items and higher-grade equipment can also provide boosts to BTC point earnings.

The update introduces a new master-level driver, Unicorn Lee, who summons a mythical unicorn during races, granting enhanced speed and acceleration while immobilizing opponents. Three new legendary-tier lawnmower karts, Unicoupe, WILDJEEP, and I.Q.O, are also now available.

To participate in the Race for Riches event, players must accumulate BTC points by racing in various modes and equipping special items. The top 100 players with the most points at the end of the event will receive rewards based on their ranking.

Rumble Racing Star is a mobile multiplayer racing game featuring lawnmowers and dynamic tracks, providing a unique and entertaining experience for players worldwide. For more information, follow Delabs Games on Twitter and Discord.


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