Retro Rumble Ignites Nostalgic Console Wars: Pick Your Side

Gaming Staff • February 26, 2024

Mega Cat Studios, a game development company, has initiated a fun and nostalgic event called the Retro Rumble, inviting retro gaming enthusiasts to join the age-old debate of Nintendo (Team N) versus Sega Genesis (Team S). The Retro Rumble was sparked by Ultimo Panda, the charismatic wrestling persona representing Mega Cat Studios, who declared the superiority of Sega Genesis in a '90s wrestling-style promo.

The Retro Rumble encourages participants to post their own short promos, declaring allegiance to either Team S or Team N, using downloadable frames provided by Mega Cat Studios. Notable figures from the gaming community, such as Patrick Hickey, Sean Robinson, John Riggs, and Brandon Hurles, have already joined the event, sharing their passion and nostalgia for their preferred console.

The Retro Rumble is a celebration of the timeless magic of retro gaming, allowing gamers of all ages to relive the glory days of Sonic on the Genesis or cherish memories of Mario's adventures on the NES. For more information on the Retro Rumble, visit the Mega Cat Studios website or follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The Retro Rumble promises to be a fun and nostalgic event for retro gaming fans.


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