Rescue Fantastical Creatures in Critter Café, Coming 2024

Gaming Staff • June 10, 2024

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Rescue Fantastical Creatures in Critter Café, Coming 2024

Sumo Newcastle and Secret Mode have announced their upcoming creature-raising and café management game, Critter Café, which is set to release later in 2024 on PC and Nintendo Switch. Critter Café allows players to manage their own cozy café and rescue magical creatures known as Critters who are trapped within mysterious portals.

Players can customize their café and character, build bonds with the Critters, and grow their café together. Critter Café was initially conceived during an internal game jam at Sumo Newcastle by gameplay programmer Eleanor Gregory.

In Critter Café, players must seek out magical rifts and solve puzzles to rescue new Critters and bring them back to their café. The game features a variety of unique Critters, each with their own characteristics and personalities. Players can also customize their character's appearance and style and decorate their café to their liking.

Critter Café encourages players to build a welcoming and wholesome café for townsfolk and Critters alike. Players can arrange the perfect space for booked events with specific Critters or open the café for general business and master customer requests for the best possible experience.

Secret Mode is the publishing wing of Sumo Group Ltd, and Sumo Newcastle is one of the award-winning studios under Sumo Digital, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects, including the 2021 release Hood: Outlaws & Legends and supporting on larger co-development AAA franchises such as Call of Duty®.

Critter Café promises to be a unique and engaging game that combines creature-raising and café management, with a strong emphasis on building bonds and growing together. Fans of wholesome and cozy games are sure to enjoy this upcoming release.


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