Pre-register Now for Zenless Zone Zero: Unlock Rewards in HoYoverse's New ARPG

Gaming Staff • April 23, 2024

Pre-register Now for Zenless Zone Zero: Unlock Rewards in HoYoverse's New ARPG

HoYoverse, a global interactive entertainment brand, has announced the opening of pre-registrations for its upcoming urban fantasy action role-playing game, Zenless Zone Zero. The pre-registration campaign is now live on PlayStation™Store, Google Play, App Store, and Epic Store. By reaching different sign-up milestones, players can unlock various in-game rewards, such as Master Tapes, Agent Corin, Dennies, and Boopons.

Zenless Zone Zero is set in a world where contemporary civilization has been destroyed by a calamity known as "Hollows," which have created spatial anomalies filled with powerful monsters called "Ethereals." New Eridu, the last surviving metropolis, has managed to fight the Hollow disaster using advanced technology and resources. Players will assume the role of a Proxy, a professional who navigates the dangerous Hollows, guiding those who need to venture inside. Together with unique characters, players will explore Hollows, battle enemies, complete commissions, and uncover the mysteries behind the last beacon of civilization.

HoYoverse is dedicated to creating immersive virtual world experiences, with a portfolio that includes games like Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, Tears of Themis, Honkai: Star Rail, and Zenless Zone Zero. The company also offers live wallpaper software, a community hub, animations, comics, music, novels, and merchandise featuring original creative concepts. HoYoverse is committed to research and development, exploring cutting-edge technologies in cartoon rendering, artificial intelligence, and cloud gaming technology. The company is actively engaged in globalization, with offices in various locations worldwide.


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