Pre-Register Now for 'The Ossan Newbie Adventurer' Game! Earn Rewards and Become Invincible

Gaming Staff • July 1, 2024

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The popular TV anime series "The Ossan Newbie Adventurer, Trained to Death by the Most Powerful Party, Became Invincible" is being adapted into a game. The HTML5 game, titled "The Ossan Newbie Adventurer, Trained to Death by the Most Powerful Party, Became Invincible. Orichalcum Soul" is now available for pre-registration on the G123 game platform.

In this hot-blooded RPG, players can train and develop the hero, Rick, to surpass the members of the Orichalcum Fist and aim for victory in the King of Fists Tournament. The game is based on the anime series and features the same characters and storyline.

To pre-register, players can visit the official X page or the official game page. When the number of pre-registrations reaches 50,000, all players will receive items worth approximately 100 USD at the time of release. There are also rewards for 10,000 and 30,000 pre-registrations.

The game is free to play, with optional in-game purchases. It is scheduled to be released on the G123 platform, which allows games to be played on mobile devices, tablets, or any web browser without the need for download or registration.

"The Ossan Newbie Adventurer, Trained to Death by the Most Powerful Party, Became Invincible" is a fantasy anime series about Rick Gladiatol, a 32-year-old guild clerk who decides to become an adventurer. Despite his newbie F-rank, Rick's combat power rivals even the highest S-rank members, thanks to his training with the members of the legendary party Orichalcum Fist.

The game and anime are based on a fun and action-packed comedy about a main character pursuing his dream in his 30s. Players can look forward to overwhelming enemies and enjoying the power that Rick developed without even realizing it.

G123 is a gaming service provided by CTW Inc., a comprehensive internet platform service that operates the G123 platform. CTW Inc. is based in Tokyo, Japan and was established in August 2013. The company's CEO is Ryu


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